Many Thanks

After four years of twice-monthly musical performances, this version of The Acoustic Showcase has ended. Many thanks to all the wonderful, talented musicians who freely shared their songs with us; many thanks to the people who showed up to listen, sing along, and (occasionally) dance; and many thanks to our hosts at Starbucks, 60 Bedford St. in Lexington, MA.

As of this writing, a new version of the Showcase is planned to begin in the spring of 2013.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lift Up Your Voice

A great night for great voices at the Showcase.  Varied performers, all with really nice pipes!  

We began with the a cappella group Random Chants
We've enjoyed them before at the Showcase, and last night they were in particularly good form, with tight harmonies, great rhythm, and appealing song selection.  Unadorned voices in harmony: about as acoustic as it gets (though we do use mics to project over the sound of grinding coffee and steaming milk).  We'll try to have them back in December for a set of holiday music.

Next we brought on Showcase newcomer Julian Baptista.  Another appealing voice -- a strong, clear tenor (well suited to the Roy Orbison number he covered).  
Julian's set featured numerous originals; with his voice, his effective guitar work and his engaging lyrics, the experience was deeply satisfying.  We'll have him back too!

Finally we welcomed Diane Taraz.  She's familiar to us from previous performances, and she's a real pro, with inventive, well-researched originals and folk songs from a variety of historic periods and traditions.

What a beautiful voice.  She's got good range, great clarity, and supple tone.  Couple this with lovely guitar and dulcimer playing, and you have the makings of a very appealing performance indeed.  Yet another performer we'll look forward to featuring again.

And that's about it from the Acoustic Showcase.  Stop by for the best (free) music in the neighborhood!